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But when you need a lawyer, you want to hire a criminal lawyer who will leave no stone unturned and zealously advocate on your behalf. We are a Montreal-based boutique criminal law firm that approaches a criminal charge as a problem to be solved. We are unrelenting in our approach and will do everything in our power to help close this dark chapter in your life.

We understand that it’s not only a criminal conviction that’s life-altering; the mere act of being criminally charged can have devastating consequences. That is why we’re determined to do everything possible to minimize the consequences of a criminal accusation and help our clients avoid a criminal record. We’ll help navigate your foray into the criminal justice system from the first interaction with the police to the file’s resolution.

In most cases, a criminal matter can be resolved without trial. For instance, sometimes files can be resolved by getting the charges withdrawn, or by negotiating a sentence that helps our client avoid a criminal record. Of course, when a problem can’t be resolved via negotiation, we’re more than prepared to take the matter before a judge in the form of a contested sentencing hearing or even a trial on the merits.

S. Zalman Haouzi, AVOCAT

S. Zalman Haouzi is a Montreal criminal lawyer that services Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, and the surrounding areas. Since 2011, he has proudly represented clients facing serious criminal charges, like sexual assault, domestic violence, drunk and driving, fraud, drug trafficking, and much more.

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