Montreal Criminal Defence Lawyers

Facing criminal charges creates tremendous stress and uncertainty, regardless of the severity of the allegations. The potential consequences of a criminal conviction are far-reaching. Your liberty, your career, your immigration status, your relationships, and your reputation are at stake. It is crucial to seek the help of experienced and dedicated criminal lawyers who will guide you through this difficult time.

Montreal criminal lawyer Zalman Haouzi and his team represent clients in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, Valleyfield, Gatineau, and throughout Quebec. We are committed to supporting you throughout the legal process, using rigorous representation and bold determination to achieve the best possible outcome. Through a combination of expertise and resourcefulness, our team of Montreal criminal lawyers is dedicated to helping you navigate the legal process, employing every tool at our disposal to help you obtain the best possible outcome.

Helping You Avoid a Criminal Record

We focus on helping first-time offenders in avoiding a criminal record. We recognize that a criminal record can have severe and long-lasting consequences, affecting various aspects of your life. We use every tool available to achieve the results that our clients are counting on. We begin with rigorous negotiation, striving to reach a favourable resolution. However, when necessary, we provide vigorous representation at trial, preliminary inquiry or sentence hearing.

Understanding our approach

While the facts of every case differ, our approach remains constant: adapting to each client’s specific needs and proposing a pragmatic and effective strategy to meet those needs. After thoroughly reviewing the evidence, identifying the potential resolution paths, and taking note of the client’s primary concerns (avoiding immigration consequences, avoiding a jail sentence, being acquitted, etc.), we recommend an action plan that can most effectively resolve the file. Learn more

When to contact a criminal lawer

Retaining legal counsel upon arrest is crucial, but sometimes, consulting with a lawyer even before criminal charges have been authorized is a wise decision (especially when an investigation is underway). After all, preventing criminal charges from being instituted is often an easier proposition than defending yourself against them. Rest assured, consulting a lawyer before arrest isn’t a sign of guilt and can never be used against you. 

Facing criminal charges in Montreal or surrounding areas? Contact us now—we’re here to help!