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What Is Murder?

Murder (s. 229 & 235) entails the intentional killing of an individual or the reckless intentional causing of bodily harm to an individual when you know that the force applied is likely to result in death. There are essentially two types of murder: first-degree and second-degree. The former involves intentionally killing someone with premeditation, while the latter entails intentionally killing someone without premeditation. The unintentional taking of another person’s life is manslaughter (s. 234).

What Happens If I’m Convicted Of Murder?

If you are convicted of first-degree murder, there is the automatic imposition of a life sentence, with parole eligibility taking place after serving 25 years. If you are convicted of second-degree murder, there is the automatic imposition of a life sentence as well, but the parole ineligibility period will be decided by the judge and will be anywhere between 10 and 25 years. Manslaughter has a maximum sentence of life imprisonment (and a mandatory minimum sentence of 4 years if a firearm is used) but the sentence imposed will vary substantially based on the circumstances of the case.

I’ve Been Charged With Murder - What Will You Do?

We will enlist the help of some of the top criminal lawyers in Montreal to work alongside us as co-counsel, ensuring that you have a team of lawyers ready to put our heads together and strategize the best way forward. When it feels like the whole world is against you, you can rest assured that you have an entire team of skilled advocates fighting for your rights.

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