Montreal Criminal Defence Lawyer

When you’re charged with a criminal offence, it feels like your world is falling apart. The state has made serious and highly consequential allegations against you, and they intend to prove their case. The stakes have never been higher. Your reputation, your livelihood, and your freedom are all on the line, and the one thing standing between you and a criminal conviction is knowledgeable, persuasive, and rigorous advocacy.

That’s where we come in.

At S. Zalman Haouzi Avocat, we stand firmly in your corner from beginning to end, utilizing everything at our disposal to fight the case, and we don’t stop until we reach the outcome that you deserve.

Helping First Time Offenders Avoid A Criminal Record

How to avoid a criminal record?

The vast majority of our clients are first time offenders without a criminal record, who have never had any interaction with the criminal justice system whatsoever prior to their arrest. We know that a criminal record can turn your life upside down, and that’s why we do everything in our power to avoid such an outcome, either through skillful and out-of-the box negotiation or through a hard-fought trial.

Our approach to criminal defence?

We believe in crafting unique strategies that are individually tailored to our clients lifestyles and objectives. On top of reviewing the evidence and brainstorming a plurality of different effective strategies to manage your file, we’ll meet with you repeatedly and get to know you as a person in order to determine which strategy is most in line with your goals, we’ll then implement that strategy and work to secure the desired outcome.

When To Hire A Criminal Lawyer

At what point should I consider hiring a criminal lawyer?

The most obvious time to hire a criminal lawyer is upon arrest, but there are other times as well. For instance: if you’ve been contacted by the police, if someone you know threatens to press charges against you, or if you believe that you may have accidentally committed a crime.

What’s the point in speaking to a criminal lawyer if I haven’t been arrested yet?

It’s a lot easier for us (and a lot better for you) to prevent charges from being filed against you in the first place, rather than fight those allegations after you’ve already been criminally charged. Oftentimes, the difference between finding yourself in the former scenario rather than the latter is your decision to consult with counsel as soon as possible.

Won’t I look guilty if I hire a lawyer?

Absolutely not. Remember, you have the constitutional right to remain silent and speak to counsel. These rights are reserved for everyone in Canada and your intelligent decision to make use of those rights has no bearing on your innocence and can never be used against you.

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