Publication of an intimate image or offences relating to child pornography are extremely serious and have far reaching consequences. The stress of even being associated with something of this nature can be overbearing and are committed to doing whateverwe can to provide some semblance of peace of mind. 

We know that people are more than a criminal charge and that this was likely a simple lapse in otherwise intelligent decisionmaking. We provide clients a judgement-free zone to open up and are more than happy to provide them with the resources to allow them to get the help that they may need. While we cannot even begin to understand what you may be going through, we are prepared to work together every step of the way to help mitigate the damages and obtain the best possible outcome.

What to Do if You Have Been Charged with an Internet Offence


If you’ve been charged with publication of an intimate image without consent, it is absolutely vital that you exercise your right to consult with a lawyer immediately. More importantly, you should invoke your right to remain silent, and refrain from incriminating yourself by making any statements to the police.

You should not be providing any evidence to the police that can (and will) later be used against you at trial. 

The role of the police officer is not to be judge and jury; they are not there to hear your side of the story and evaluate it on its merits. Their role is to gather evidence of the crime that they’re investigating with the goal of aiding the prosecutor in securing a conviction. Therefore, you should not be discussing this matter with anyone other than your lawyer. 


Generally speaking, if you have a good recollection about the events in question, it is usually a good idea that you reflect upon your version of events, and especially take note of:

  • If the police had a warrant when they entered your dwelling;
  • The time that the warrant was executed;
  • The time that you were afforded your right to counsel;
  • What the police seized from you

It may also be a good idea to collect your thoughts and determine who, if anyone, has any physical evidence of your guilt and how.

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What is publication of an intimate image without consent?

Publication of an intimate image without consent (also known as “revenge porn”) entails publishing, transmitting, distributing, selling or making available an intimate image or intimate video of a person without their explicit permission.

What other internet offences are there?

Since internet offences entail any offence that uses the internet as a conduit, it involves a lot of different offences, like: distribution of child pornography, creation of child pornography, possession of child pornography, child luring, and cyber bullying (criminal harassment).

I’ve been charged with an internet offence, how can this be resolved?

Sometimes, the way in which the evidence in question was discovered can lead to the use of a Charter motion to get it excluded. However, more often than not, the evidence itself is ironclad, and it comes down to our ability to negotiate the file based on your profile and the nature of the accusation.

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