You are looking for a criminal lawyer because you’re in trouble with the law, and you understand that you require the assistance of experienced counsel. Maybe you’re a member of a professional order and a conviction would jeopardize your career. Perhaps you have a precarious immigration status and fear the possibility of deportation. It could be that you want to prove your innocence and protect your reputation.

Whatever criminal charges you’re facing, we can assist you. We understand that it feels like your world is crumbling and your entire future is at stake. While things seem bleak, there is a way out. We’re committed to working with you and doing everything in our power to fight these charges and provide you with peace of mind and expert advice. You’ve made the crucial decision to seek the advice of a lawyer, so let’s get started.


We view criminal charges as a problem to be solved, and there are numerous ways to resolve most criminal files. Our clients can always expect us to leave no stone unturned and combine rigorous advocacy with results-oriented pragmatism to achieve the best possible outcome.

We begin from the premise that (in the vast majority of cases) trial is a last resort. Trial is a costly, time-consuming, stressful, and unpredictable venture that we try to avoid if it’s not absolutely necessary. Our goal is to provide legal services tailored to our client’s unique situations and overall objectives. We make decisions that align with our client’s priorities, with a particular focus on employment, immigration, and financial considerations, and we strive to obtain the results that our clients depend upon.

The Value We Place on Communication

We believe in the importance of frank, candid, and honest communication. We know that the legal landscape is confusing and that the situation is stressful, so we take the time that’s required to explain the ins and outs of the file (in plain language). We also strongly believe in providing our clients with “hard truth” – we will always be completely honest about every aspect of a file, even when it is difficult to digest.

We also do our best to remain available to our clients as needed and to respond to all inquiries punctually. Moreover, you can expect to receive detailed emails throughout the course of the mandate so that you’re aware of every significant development relating to your case and to ensure that you fully comprehend the direction of the file.

Working in COllaboration with You

Nobody is more invested in the success of their case than you. That’s why we view criminal defence as a joint effort. We regularly ask our clients to provide us with certain documents or take certain actions to better themselves (such as therapy, anger management, community service, etc.).

We ensure that clients always understand and are comfortable with the services that we’re providing. When we provide different options, we do so taking into consideration the strength of each direction from a legal standpoint, the ease of reaching each outcome, and the financial considerations that you need to be aware of in making such a decision.

While we provide you with a legal opinion as to which option we may think is the best path forward, you ultimately have the final say.

Our Expectations

We expect our clients to be just as invested in their cases as we are. That means responding promptly to our communications, respecting deadlines (including financial obligations), and taking a genuine interest in their case.

We expect our clients to commit themselves to our process and take an interest in self-improvement – especially if the file is to be resolved through negotiation. We view the lawyer-client relationship as collaborative: please “help us help you”.

Legal Fees—What You Need to Know

Resolving a criminal file is a labour-intensive endeavour requiring dozens of hours of work. While we understand that no one looks forward to paying lawyers’ fees, it is an important (and inevitable) aspect of a mandate.

That’s why we openly discussed the financial aspect of the mandate from our very first meeting together. We propose a fee structure that makes sense for you, offering flexible payment plans based on your financial situation. We also prefer proposing fixed fee structures rather than by the hour.

To learn more about our fees, please visit our FAQ page.

Facing criminal charges in Montreal or surrounding areas? Contact us now—we’re here to help!