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What is the Quebec Rental Board?

The Quebec Rental Board (Tribunal administratif du logement - formerly known as the Régie du Logement) is an administrative tribunal that has exclusive jurisdiction over matters involving residential leases and deals with all landlord-tenant disputes.

What rights and obligations do landlords have?

  • Landlord Rights - The landlord (Lessor) is entitled to receive the agreed upon rent for the amount (and at the date) stipulated in the lease. The Lanlord has the right to access and ascertain the condition of the dwelling, provided that the landlord exercises those rights in a reasonable manner. In certain scenarios, the landlord may repossess the dwelling as a residence for himself or his ascendants or descendants.
  • Landlord Obligations - The landlord (lessor) is bound to deliver the leased property in a good state of repair and to provide the tenant (lessee) with peaceable enjoyment of the dwelling throughout the duration of the lease. The landlord has an obligation to ensure that the tenant may can fully enjoy and make use of the leased premises.

What rights and obligations do tenants have?

  • Rights of the tenant - The tenant (lesse) is entitled to receive the dwelling in good condition, to have certain repairs taken care of at the landlord's expense. The tenant has the right to peaceful enjoyment of the dwelling. Most importantly, the tenants have the right to maintain occupancy provided that they respect their legal obligations throughout the duration of the lease.
  • Tenant obligations - The tenant is obligated to pay the rent for the amount (and at the date) stipulated in the lease. The tenant must allow the landlord entry into the unit when given notice and to use the lease property with prudence and diligence throught the term of the lease.

Our Areas Of Practice

  • Resiliation of a lease
  • Access to the dwelling
  • Abandonment of the dwelling
  • Non-payment of rent
  • Frequent late payment of rent
  • Transferring a lease/subletting your dwelling
  • Repossession of the dwelling
  • Eviction to divide the dwelling
  • Eviction to enlarge the dwelling
  • Eviction to change the destination of the dwelling
  • Repairs
  • Rent increases
  • Cancellation of lease agreements

What Services Do We Offer

What services do we offer to landlords and tenants?

  • Consultation before filing an application before the Rental Board
  • Drafting of demand letters
  • Filing applications before the Quebec Rental Board
  • Preparation for hearing before Rental Board
  • Negotiating with opposing counsel
  • Drafting of settlement agreements
  • Coaching of landlord or tenant before hearing
  • Representation at trial before the Quebec Rental Board

Should I Hire A Lawyer

Should you hire a lawyer for a property dispute?

While you can certainly represent yourself at a Quebec Rental Board hearing, it is almost always a wise decision to consult with a lawyer beforehand to understand your rights and obligations, as well as the strength or weakness of your case. A lawyer can also help you with the more complex procedural elements, as well as inform you as to the existence of alternative mechanisms for dispute resolution that don’t entail a court hearing.

Next Steps

If you’re a landlord or a tenant and you either want to institute legal proceedings or have legal proceedings being instituted against you, or you simply have questions about your rights or obligations, you are invited to contact us today to discuss your legal option and how we can assist you. We’ll present you with a cost-effective solution to your unique legal problem, and may even be able to help you prepare for your hearing.

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