Mr. J was sponsoring his wife for immigration purposes and their marriage was going south. He was arrested and charged with multiple counts of assault, after it was alleged that he had brutally hit her on numerous occasions. Despite valiant attempts to settle the matter out of court and avoid a lengthy trial, Zalman Haouzi and the Crown were unable to reach a just agreement. A date was set and Zalman Haouzi dutifully prepared for trial. Of course, no one could have possibly prepared themselves for what was to come next. During his cross-examination of the complainant, she admitted in open court that she had made these allegations solely for immigration reasons (because when someone sponsors their spouse, they have to live together for two years unless there is an allegation of domestic violence; she wanted to maintain her immigration sponsorship but no longer wished to live with her husband in their broken marriage, so she invented domestic violence charges). Thankfully, this spontaneous declaration eroded whatever credibility she had left in the eyes of the judge and Mr. J was acquitted accordingly.