Mr. A was driving his family home when a driver next to him engaged in dangerous maneuvers that nearly caused an accident. Tempers flared and both drivers pulled over into a gas station. When the driver from the opposing vehicle stepped out with a golf club, Mr. A panicked and drove his vehicle directly into his would-be assailant. Panicking, he drove away. He was later charged with failure to remain on the scene of an accident causing bodily harm. Given his immigration status and employment, Mr. A simply couldn’t afford a criminal record. The team at S. Zalman Haouzi Avocat worked tirelessly to negotiate with the Crown, providing them with ample evidence to explain that this incident was entirely out of character for Mr. A and that a conditional discharge was in the best interests of justice. The Crown did not entirely agree and the matter went to a contested sentencing hearing. Thankfully, the judge was moved by Zalman Haouzi’s persuasive pleadings and Mr. A was spared a criminal record.