Mr. C was driving when he was cut off by another individual, which prompted Mr. C to pull over, exit the vehicle and exchange some heated words with the other driver. His anger unfortunately got the better of him and he threatened the other driver, which prompted the other driver to call him a racial epithet. Mr. C claims he only put his fist close to the other driver’s face to send a message but the police thought differently and charged Mr. C with assault. Mr. C had a very important career as a financial advisor and a criminal record would put an end to that. Realizing the stakes, Zalman Haouzi quickly got to work and masterfully negotiated a joint submission with a fair-minded Crown who agreed that a conditional discharge that included several reformatory measures (like anger management courses) was in the best interests of everyone. While the judge was initially skeptical that the sentence sought was best, through his rigorous and thorough pleadings, Zalman Haouzi was able to convince the judge otherwise.