Mr. D was driving his motorcycle home when he came across a construction zone. The construction worker in charge of directing traffic rerouted him two different times but since Mr. D’s house was one block over from the construction site and there was no other way home, he simply went through the construction site. The construction worker tried to block his exit and she claims that she was lightly struck by his motorcycle when he passed through the zone to get to his home. She pressed charges and he was charged with assault with a weapon, to wit, his motorcycle. Due to his employment, Mr. D was unable to sustain any kind of criminal conviction. Negotiations were fruitless. The only path forward was trial. After the team at S. Zalman Haouzi Avocat prepared themselves for what was expected to be a grueling ordeal, the Crown decided last minute to drop the charges in exchange for an apology, which Mr. D gladly provided.