Mr. V responded to an advertisement posted by a sex worker on an adult website. The intent was to pay for an hour of sexual activity with someone who Mr. V believed was of legal age (based on the photos posted, the nature of the ad, the website the ad was found on, and the claim that the sex worker in question was the age of majority). Various text messages were exchanged and there was an agreement to meet at a hotel room where the deed was to be done. Upon arrival, the exchanging of some words, and payment, Mr. V was promptly arrested by police; it was an undercover sting operation where the “sex worker” was supposedly underage. Mr. V was looking down the barrel of a year-long prison sentence due to the mandatory minimums attached to the charges. However, the team at S. Zalman Haouzi Avocat went to work and masterfully negotiated with the Crown to drop the child luring charge altogether and to swap out the child prostitution charge with a regular prostitution charge to better reflect reality. Through a contested sentencing hearing, Zalman Haouzi successfully secured a suspended sentence for his client, and prevented his placement on the Sex Offenders Registry.