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Why contest a Traffic Ticket?

If you've received a traffic ticket under the Quebec Highway Safety Code, there are many reasons you should consider contesting it. The most common reason is demerit points (if you get too many demerit points in a 24 month cycle, your license could be suspended). Other reasons include avoiding paying high insurance premiums and wanting to keep a perfect driving record.

Understanding Quebec Demerit points

Quebec license-holders are entitled to a certain number of demerit points on their driving record before being sanctioned by the SAAQ (the exact number is dependent on the license-holder’s demerit point bracket). Once a driver has accumulated a greater number of demerit points than is allotted to their bracket, the SAAQ will inform the driver that their license has been revoked.

Quebec Traffic Infractions

0-3 Demerit-point tickets

  • Failure to stop at a red light - Article 359 CSR
  • Failure to obey a stop sign - Article 368 CSR
  • Failure to wear a seatbelt - Article 396 CSR

4 Demerit Point Ticket

  • Dangerous driving Article 327 CSR
  • Zigzagging - Article 342 CSR
  • Move over ticket

9+ Demerit-point tickets

  • Passing a school bus when it’s forbidden to do so - Article 460 (9 demerit points)
  • Hit & run - Article 168 (9 demerit points)
  • Street racing - Article 422 (12 demerit points)

Speeding Tickets

  • Excessive speeding - Article 328 (Between 1 to 24 demerit points)
  • Excessive speeding in construction zone;
  • Speeding in School zone;

Cell Phone Tickets

  • Driving while using a cellphone - Article 443.1 CSR (5 demerit points)

Other Penal Services

  • Revocation of Judgement - when judgement rendered by default
  • Application for Restricted license - when license suspended
  • Stay of execution

Services Offered - What We Do?

  • 1. File the not-guilty plea on your behalf;
  • 2. Request a copy of the disclosure (police report);
  • 3. Review and analyze the police report;
  • 4. Get your version of the the incident;
  • 5. Order a copy of your driving record;
  • 6. Wait to receive a notice of hearing;
  • 7. Once a trial date has been set, we will contact the prosecutor to commence negotiations with the goal of reducing some or all of the demerit points on your ticket;
  • 8. If an agreement is reached, we will file the necessary paperwork;
  • 9. If we are unable to save demerit points, we will discuss the options that are available to you;
  • 10. Proceed with trial

Fees: How Much Will It Cost To Contest A Traffic Ticket?

How much will it cost?

  • Generally speaking, we charge a base fee for handling and negotiating the file. This includes: filing the not guilty plea, ordering the police report, analyzing the evidence, and negotiating the file with the prosecutor. We also charge an additional fee for each demerit point saved and a separate fee for trial. Alternatively, if a client wants to attend trial on their own, we can help you prepare for the trial.
  • The specific cost for trial will be outlined in the fee structure agreement. Be advised, there may be other additional costs depending on the location of the courthouse or based on the complexity of your specific matter. We understand that due to this fee structure, it may only be worthwhile to hire counsel when facing the most dire of circumstances and we accept that. Know that when such circumstances arise, we remain ready to fight for you.
  • When it comes to our mandates, there are no hidden fees. All fees are communicated clearly and are enumerated with specific costs (including tax) before a mandate is confirmed so you know exactly what you’ll be paying well in advance.

Do I need to hire a lawyer to contest my ticket?

  • No. You can contest a traffic ticket on your own and hiring a lawyer to contest a ticket does not guarantee a favourable result, and will almost certainly cost more than if you just paid the fine. However, it makes sense to hire a lawyer when you want to increase the chances of saving demerit points or securing an acquittal at trial. You may also just prefer to take comfort in knowing that someone else is taking care of this for you.
  • Our lawyers have a strong understanding of the law and, after analyzing the police report and noting your version of events, will usually know early on what your chances of success at trial are.

How To Contest A Traffic Ticket?

I received a ticket, what should I do next?

Request a quote: Send us an email with a photo of your ticket and we'll provide a detailed written quote for your consideration as soon as possible so that you can decide whether our services are right for you.

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